Answers from your Painting Contractor

A few terms common to my every day life as a painting contractor.  I service both Residential and Commercial Customers in Chester and Montgomery Counties.


How many Mils are you going to want?

Every paint has a Wet (WFT) and Dry (DFT) film thickness differential.  Dry paint shrinks, and for the requested finish, it may take several coats.  The average homeowner paint wet = 4 mils and dry = 1.5 mils.  Every paint has manufacturers recommend specifications for DFT.

What is a Mil Paint Thickness?

A mil is .001 inch or a Thousandth of an inch.  A paint finish should be 2-5 mils.

Cut and Roll-

This is when one painter paints the trim lines in and the other rolls within the lines.

What color white would you like?

There are thousands of shades called white or off white.  There really is no such color as white, because white is lack of color, by definition.  Never try to use white with off-white as it really clashes.

Enamel Holdout-

The substrate (this is the surface being painted)  is leveled & sealed enough for the paint to look consistent with a glossy, even finish.


Having a luster between Glossy and Flat