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How House Painting Can Increase Your Property Value

The fastest and least expensive way to increase the value of your property is to paint.  Imagine earning back 3x the cost of your update?  Very few other alternatives will earn you such a return on investment.

If you are preparing to sell your property, use neutral colors so that your potential customer can vision their own furniture and belongings in it.  Make sure you cover up nail holes and pops, and clean up the trim.  By far the most important rooms to update are the kitchen and bathroom, followed by the family room.  Remember, light colors brighten, and dark spaces will make the paint look darker as we talked about in a previous blog


If you paint the exterior, you will add immediate value to your home as the buyer will know they are maintenance free for years.  Most real estate advisers will tell you that the “curb appeal” is most important to selling your home.  Make sure your shrubbery is trimmed away from the house and any loose trim or rotten wood is replaced.  Paint the front door!   This is the easiest step to improve the first impression.  Make sure you update the hardware and lighting to your entrance.

Industrial and Commercial Painting Services

As the end of the year approaches, many companies are finishing up their  maintenance projects.  Painting of Industrial and Commercial interiors requires special consideration so that your operations are not disrupted. Projects also may require additional material handling equipment and special paint grades to properly adhere and protect the structures.  You will also want to make sure your painting contractor is properly insured.   We have extensive experience in Industrial/Commercial projects as you can see in the examples below.  If you are looking for budget quotations for your spring exterior projects, we can help with that as well.


Industrial Interior Painting of Building and Stairs, Chester County, PA:

after 2e-after stairs best

Epoxy Flooring in a Sugar Plant, Bucks County, PA


Ballroom Walls and Molding, Berks County, PA

commercial painting

Exterior Wall with rust before, application of Primer and finished wall.

industrial 1industrial 2birdsboro

Kitchen Painting Services in Exton, PA

The most important upgrade in the house?  The Kitchen!

Painting, Caulking and resurfacing create a brand new kitchen.

Consider re-purposing your cabinets to save money on your kitchen upgrade.  As long as they are a good quality wood, Painting will save you money over new cabinets

Consider the cabinets below-  Estimated cost savings by the customer of over $20,000.


::counter appliances


after after 2


Answers from your Painting Contractor

A few terms common to my every day life as a painting contractor.  I service both Residential and Commercial Customers in Chester and Montgomery Counties.


How many Mils are you going to want?

Every paint has a Wet (WFT) and Dry (DFT) film thickness differential.  Dry paint shrinks, and for the requested finish, it may take several coats.  The average homeowner paint wet = 4 mils and dry = 1.5 mils.  Every paint has manufacturers recommend specifications for DFT.

What is a Mil Paint Thickness?

A mil is .001 inch or a Thousandth of an inch.  A paint finish should be 2-5 mils.

Cut and Roll-

This is when one painter paints the trim lines in and the other rolls within the lines.

What color white would you like?

There are thousands of shades called white or off white.  There really is no such color as white, because white is lack of color, by definition.  Never try to use white with off-white as it really clashes.

Enamel Holdout-

The substrate (this is the surface being painted)  is leveled & sealed enough for the paint to look consistent with a glossy, even finish.


Having a luster between Glossy and Flat


Wall Preparation is one of the Most important element for Professional Painting Services

They don’t call me Paint Rescue for nothing.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been called in by a builder because they “threw the last painter off the job.”  At one time, I even thought of painting my work van to look like an ambulance and change the name of my company to “Paint Rescue”.

Really, most people can paint a wall.  The difference between a professional job done right and a botched job is often related to the wall preparation.  All of the nail holes, pops and imperfections have to be addressed before the paint hits the wall. 

I had a recent project in which the homeowner did not remove the wallpaper properly so all the wall damage was showing through  the paint.  Her budget was limited, so rather than skim coating the entire area with spackle or replacing the drywall altogether, I suggested an application with a faux finish.  While I still had to prepare the wall for the painting with minor patching, by applying the faux finish as an alternative, I was able to save the customer about half the preparation costs.  The end result was very good and that customer has now become a regular.   bathroom before 2faux


By the way, a fresh coat on the cabinets makes them look like new!


Lighting will change the Appearance of your Paint Color

Lighting will change the Appearance of your Paint Color- Professional Painting Contractors will help you choose the right Color for your next painting project

When I was in elementary school I remember my  first ever “experiment” clearly-  It had a lasting impression, and who knows?  Maybe this is why I chose my career as a painter?  Our teacher took the class into a large windowless room and turned out the lights.  He then asked: children, What color do you see?  Of course it was dark and we all said black, proving that Without light there is no color!

Keep this in mind when choosing your color. It is very important to observe  your selection of colors in the evening in addition to the brightness of daytime.  When it gets dark, you will see the color soften substantially and “lose” its color.  Blues become Gray, Pinks become Mauve, Tans become off white.   A color you love on a cloudy day may be too loud on a sunny day.

Testing your colors in different lighting will save you time in the long run!

Can you see what I mean in the pictures below- this is the same wall!

blog lighting with lighting


How to update your Kitchen Economically

One of the easiest things to increase the value of your home is an updated kitchen. As a matter of fact, I recently read on “The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. Potential home buyers make a beeline for this room when they first view a home for sale, so make sure your kitchen looks clean and reasonably updated.”

Consider painting your cabinets and replacing the hardware. This minor update will add dividends to the investment.


kitchen cabinets before


kitchen cabinets after

Check your Contractors Insurance

Did you know? If anyone gets hurt on the job or property is damaged due to your contractors negligence, you could be sued.

In 2008 the state mandated that any home improvement contractor who does over $5,000/year in business must be licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. Having a license requires proof of all insurances, including liability, workman’s compensation and business auto. Unfortunately, many contractors fail to adhere. If your contractor is not insured, any liability could be your responsibility. My HIC#044923 is and I have been fully insured since 1985.

To check to see if your contractor is licensed, go to

Our History

With over 30 years of painting behind me, I wanted to share some pearls of wisdom. I hope you find some of these helpful. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.

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