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Lighting will change the Appearance of your Paint Color

Lighting will change the Appearance of your Paint Color- Professional Painting Contractors will help you choose the right Color for your next painting project

When I was in elementary school I remember my  first ever “experiment” clearly-  It had a lasting impression, and who knows?  Maybe this is why I chose my career as a painter?  Our teacher took the class into a large windowless room and turned out the lights.  He then asked: children, What color do you see?  Of course it was dark and we all said black, proving that Without light there is no color!

Keep this in mind when choosing your color. It is very important to observe  your selection of colors in the evening in addition to the brightness of daytime.  When it gets dark, you will see the color soften substantially and “lose” its color.  Blues become Gray, Pinks become Mauve, Tans become off white.   A color you love on a cloudy day may be too loud on a sunny day.

Testing your colors in different lighting will save you time in the long run!

Can you see what I mean in the pictures below- this is the same wall!

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