Wall Preparation is one of the Most important element for Professional Painting Services

They don’t call me Paint Rescue for nothing.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been called in by a builder because they “threw the last painter off the job.”  At one time, I even thought of painting my work van to look like an ambulance and change the name of my company to “Paint Rescue”.

Really, most people can paint a wall.  The difference between a professional job done right and a botched job is often related to the wall preparation.  All of the nail holes, pops and imperfections have to be addressed before the paint hits the wall. 

I had a recent project in which the homeowner did not remove the wallpaper properly so all the wall damage was showing through  the paint.  Her budget was limited, so rather than skim coating the entire area with spackle or replacing the drywall altogether, I suggested an application with a faux finish.  While I still had to prepare the wall for the painting with minor patching, by applying the faux finish as an alternative, I was able to save the customer about half the preparation costs.  The end result was very good and that customer has now become a regular.   bathroom before 2faux


By the way, a fresh coat on the cabinets makes them look like new!